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She reminds me of old chem teacher.. oAo Suhweet.



When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


okay but the guy in blue gets up and hold onto the back of the red guys shirt like a small child or perhaps a duckling


White sjw that  ”speak for poc” then sweep them under the rug or say they are not really *Insert race here* because they disagree with them or call out their bull


please stop “speaking for us”

~the balck one

More like, anyone trying to speak for any collective group of people; (particularly about culture and race) Shut The Fuck Up OUO


my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”









Ay so vladimirnootin gave me the scoop on this “Evan” dude and I’m just like:


Then she got into details of the fuck shit and fetishization and I’m like:


We gotta do better.

This shit is most unacceptable… sickhypnotik, yarriinwonderland, I have learned way too much.

he still won’t leave me alone.

he like, tries to guilt me into wanting to have sex with him by telling me how depressed he is.

which is emotionally manipulative

I stopped caring a while back.

and then he came back

I thought you and I were the poster children for sexually frustrated Egalitarians but the horrors that Flo just described to me…


I understand the internet generally lets one loosen their inhibitions, but… that shit is so uncalled for.

you don’t just send dick.

 after a productive conversation about kinks or something similarly sexual, you mention it’s hard, and like 90% of the time you get an immediate request.

the boy isn’t just a manipulator, he’s a bad, whiny, manipulator.

Which is why I don’t send unsolicited nudes. Or discuss what turns me on with people I A: barely know/aren’t sexual with me or B: force the topic of sex.

People are wild on this Tumblr stuff

If you wanna know what’s up with someone, maybe, just maybe, you should ask THEM, not other people. Another thing not to do is post shit about someone to their tag instead of their inbox. 

That said, I’m not at all with most of this shit. 
1- I’ve never just randomly sent someone a dick pic out of nowhere. 
2- I’ve never continued something sexual once asked to stop.
3- I’ve never tried to guilt sickhypnotik in to sex in the least, so why she feels like I am doesn’t make sense to me. When I said I wasn’t those Anons last night, that’s because I wasn’t.
4- I’m not sure what exactly Flo said, but I haven’t had so much as a single conversation with her at all, let alone anything sexual, in 2014. 
5- If you have any other questions, ask the person they’re about, not other people. This isn’t fucking high school. 

sosungalittleclodofclay, vladimirnootin

Dafuq yo. Is this the kinda shit that made you leave dahlin’? Dafuq yo. Dahell.

Dear, they are everywhere. *patpat*



Oh my god that cat is so excited for the surface of the water to be solid because it thinks it’ll be able to finally catch a fish oh my god oh my god look at it slip around ahhhhhhhhh


Daily Tip #11


Don’t mind me Corvidae!

Hey everyone! Do you work out intensely? 5 days a week, maybe even, 7 days? Be sure to take a rest day or two! It’s more beneficial for your body if you rest a day, or two while doing your work-out regime. I just learned about this, and it actually gives your muscles time to thicken, get stronger (after all, if you’re straining them from working out, you should be nice after a while!), and helps your metabolism stay regulated!

Hey everyone~ I joined a body positive blog! :D They’re really all a bunch of rad people. (Seriously.) Plus I’m trying to bring in a fitness portion. We debunk bullshit said about both extremes of body-shapes, andd give you tips and inspiration to eat healthier, and exercise regularly! :D






why did being a weeaboo become acceptable again

(applies to all you weebs making jokes about “senpai” and “kouhai” and calling each other ___-kun or ___-sama or whatecer)

but japanese use english as a joke!: english has been used as a tool of colonisation and oppression, placed in the hands of white colonisers. after having bombs dropped on civilian cities and japanese-american diaspora being interned we should have the right to make fun of america sometimes.

but it’s out of appreciation!: if you appreciate a culture you’re not part of you don’t make fun of it

but it’s just an anime stereotype!: anime’s japanese media made for japanese people and if you make fun of anime’s language use in this way you’re making fun of japanese culture

but i’m learning japanese!: then speak it in full sentences

but (japanese person i know) says it’s okay!: that’s all fine and dandy but that doesn’t make the feelings of me or other people, including my family, just go away

i just want some culture of my own, i don’t feel like i have any: culture is literally what happens when humans interact with each other, if you’ve ever been in contact with another human being then you have a weird sort of culture. the fact that you can read this means you have culture. culture’s kind of like accents in that way

if you want to take part in japanese culture go to a festival held by japanese people (if you cosplay there i will find your bed and put breadcrumbs in it each night), read books, learn the language. just be respectful about it, culture is the way people live, not a plaything 

good resource blog for this kind of thing:

Wow honestly stop bitching this happens with every second language, people throw random german bullshit in their sentences and you don’t see me bitching.

You don’t “have the right" to make fun of anyone, using historical events as an excuse. It’s either everyone can make fun of everyone and nobody ever says something funny again

Can I also mention the word ‘kawaii’ is in the Oxford English Dictionairy lol.

And seriously are we relating ironically using language to fucking historical war events?

Can I also mention that English is a language of borrowings? If you don’t want people saying “kawaii,” don’t go look at alligators in the zoo. Or eat, since most of our words for food are from French and Spanish. Or have any fascination with royalty, as with the exception of “earl,” “lord,” and “king,” pretty much all our royal-related language is French. Oh! And let’s not forget all the animals you’ll never be able to mention again, because their names are taken from North American Native languages.

I learned an appreciation of tea through anime after I saw an episode of Sailor Moon where the girls take part in a tea ceremony. It fascinated me that it was so important that they sit and drink a certain way, so I started doing research and then discovered the tea ceremony uses a different kind of tea are you kidding me I didn’t know there were different kinds of tea. So when I was 13 years old, I was learning about another culture—albeit in only the most glancing way—because of their cartoons. Because I wanted to understand why that church didn’t have a cross on it, why the tea ceremony was treated like such a big deal, why all the girls dressed that way (“that way” being sailor uniforms for school), why nothing was written in letters I could read, and why older fandomers online kept using such weird names for the characters. Lo and behold: it was a Shinto temple not a church, the tea ceremony is a huge fucking deal, sailor uniforms originated during WWII and dressing in uniform is a way of showing respect to one’s teachers, there are languages out there that weren’t affected by Roman invasion, and those aren’t weird names, they’re Japanese.

And then I started watching other anime. And learned to write a little Japanese, albeit extremely wobbly and not always grammatical, and made a few friends in Japan through websites like Tegaki—I would comment on their works with the only words I could write confidently, things like かわいい!! and すごい!! ありがとう [name]-さん! and would get back comments in English written as shakily as my Japanese: “thank you!! ^_^” and “I am glad you like it!!” We couldn’t do much beyond doodling at each other, but on both sides, the effort was appreciated.

But heaven forbid anybody should think they’re getting anything out of anime. It’s all about appropriation and stealing culture. Nobody has formed friendships through it. Nobody has developed an interest in another culture through it. And I’ve never gotten delighted “oooh!”s from Japanese-speaking customers when I greeted them appropriately and thanked them: “arigatou gozaimasu ne!” I’m sure it bothered them a whole fucking lot that I knew it was appropriate to bow and to use “komanwa” rather than “konnichiwa” at eight at night not because of a formal language class, but because of something I picked up watching Japanese television. None of that ever happened.

Because if it’s not part of your own culture, it’s disrespectful and theft.


I gotta stop learning all these languages now. Dang it.

You gotta stop learning languages for funs, and I have to sit here and understand it’s my fault that something years ago had happened. Yep. Totally not like Americans blaing all Muslims for 9/11. Noo, nothing alike there. You colored folks are just all angels, and us whites are ze evils of da munchkins.

Lemme just leave this youtube video here from Jun and Rachel.


this looks like a sims game glitched




This is why I love Fire Emblem.

What the fuck even are Fire Emblem: Awakening’s characters



*concerned white parent voice* sweetie don’t write on yourself you can get ink poisoning




Cis people are so gullible. A doctor basically gave a quick glance at your junk before you were even old enough to communicate and you think that’s the best gauge of your gender? Sad.